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Archery Information is coming home soon!

Packets will be in your campus offices for your archer to pick up, have completed and return to the offices.

We are looking to start practices the first of October for NASP and S3DA (3-D shooting).

We will still be shooting our Genesis bows in 3-D, or you can purchase or use a hunting bow you currently own.

All Archers will have to use their own arrows for 3D shooting. These NASP arrows (Easton 1820) can be purchased at Emory Auto Supply-next to Circle H BBQ. Ask Wendell when you go in-he has them in stock. We will also have some for the kids to buy once archery begins.

If you'd like to sign up for our archery reminder messages here is the information:

On your cell phone text 903-525-6722 and enter @coachplem then click send.