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Marja Heinert

Welcome to Rains High School Life Skills

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Each week we are directing our focus on the weekly subject matter provided by News2You with Monday focused on the “What?,” Tuesday focused on the “Who?,” Wednesday focused on the “When & Where?,” Thursday focused on our related Science Experiment and the “How?,” of our subject and Friday will be a review of the subject with a test and deeper look at the subject. I know this is going to be an AWESOME year!

Our classroom is managed using a “teamwork” approach. I ask the students when they need assistance to “use their resources.” Our resources include getting one-on-one help from the teacher or aides, asking a classmate to help, using technology or asking permission to try another way to get the answer. What I continue to see is strong growth in all students especially when they use each other to find the answers or help each other to complete the task. 

I encourage you to check our on line classroom out weekly to see what our lesson plans are and our subject matter.



Marja Heinert

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