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Claudia Gardner

Welcome to Spanish class. (Level 2 & 3)

You are invited to take an exciting trip for the ONE of the five language most spoken in the world: Spanish. On this new adventure 2019-2020, we will work to improve the fundamental skills needed to adquire a second language: 1)Listening, 2)Speaking, 3)Writing and 4)Reading. Definitely, at the end of this course YOU will be able to COMMUNICATE to a native spanish speakers in simple real world situations. 

Claudia Gardner

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Spanish Club

First meeting School year 2018-2019

September 11, 2018

3:35 pm to 4:05

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Classroom Number:
School Phone:
903-473-2222 E-1219
Conference Time:
Tuesday & Wednesday: 3:35 pm. -4:00 pm