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Welcome to Coach Wasson’s 

World Geography

**Check Below for weekly updates during our closure**

3rd 9 Weeks Grades- Grades for the 3rd 9 weeks have been finalized. Missing work for the past 2½ months has been changed to a “ * no count”. This means that assignment will be treated as if it were never assigned and will not count against the student. With that hundreds of missing assignments magically disappeared and I did not curve or round grades any further. Please continue to check skyward during the closures as now more than ever, it will be the best way to keep up with your student’s progress. 

Writing Assignments Before Break- Some students may be worried about the writing assignment that was a major test grade. It was due the day before Spring Break. I have cancelled the grade for this assignment as it will be unrealistic to get the work from students that were absent or expected to turn this in the week following Spring Break. 

Class Set Up : I will update assignments here, as well as on my calendar. I will try to make all assignments Google Classroom compatible. Your student should already be familiar with Google Classroom as we have used it in class. I will post the codes to the classes below for any student that moved in, or moved classes before we set them up. If you do not have internet access on a regular basis at home you will need to pick up assignments at the school. 

Classroom Codes:

2nd period: givnxaf      3rd period: t74xnrq    4th: gdlxd6x    5th: zxlmtva    6th: odq2fsy    8th: i3y47au

Current Assignments: March 23-27- Use the African Unit Powerpoint to answer the 10 questions from the Google form. Watch “Crash Course World History: Mansa Musa and Islam in Africa”


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