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Randell Wellman


I am very enthusiastic about what this year holds for us. Our skilled and devoted staff is focused on making Rains High School an engaging learning environment that prepares our students to be successful citizens.

Each new year brings positive change. We are delighted to welcome several new faces to our campus. Each new teacher exhibits a passion for students and will play a major role in continuing our culture of excellence. Last year was amazing! Rains High School set the bar high in several areas. We excelled in Academic U.I.L, Art, Theater, Band, and Agriculture competitions. Athletically, several of our teams made the playoffs and our Lady Cat Softball team won a state championship. I could not be more proud of our students and the community support that we received throughout the year.

Parents, thank you for working with our school to ensure that our kids get the best education possible. It truly takes a village to raise children and your support of our school is valued. I eagerly look forward to working with your students and it remains an honor and privilege to serve as your principal.

Here is what I believe. We have the best faculty and the best kids around. Together, we will make a difference. Please contact me if I can ever be of service or if you just have a question.

Thanks and Go Cats!

Randell Wellman


Randell Wellman

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