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Daily Schedule

Where is Webber?...”Building a LEGACY”

1st period? I have High School Athletics at Field House from 8 till 8:43

2nd period? As Assistant Athletic Director I am putting out fires on campus so I will be all over the place..8:48-9:36

3rd period? ...Time to Talk History..LIVING TO LEARN...LEARNING TO LIVE...1st class of the DAY..9:41 till 10:30

4th period? DITTO..Same song 2nd verse...Class #2 10:35-11:23

5th period? Headed back to Field House for JH Athletics...Nothing like seeing and smelling a lot of stinky JH boys before lunch...11:28-12:16

LUNCH--Unless you are bringing food or its an emergency I'm napping wink..12:03-12:51

6th period? Meet me back in rm 209 with a full belly and thirst for knowledge 12:56 till 1:44

7th period? Conference...whew time to catch my breath but if you need me now is the time 1:49-2:37

8th Period? Last class of the DAY!!! 2:42-3:30

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